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London Itinerary – Planning the Best 3 Days in London In 2023

Visiting London is incredibly exciting. As you will already know, the city is packed with amazing things to do. Whether you want to embrace quintessential British culture with afternoon tea, visit Buckingham Palace, or explore one of the many museums, London keeps you on your toes. It is impossible not to love such a diverse and action-packed city.

The Ultimate 3-Day London Itinerary

London Itinerary for 3 Days

Planning your trip to London can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time visitor. But don’t worry, we have you covered. We know you are excited but are probably asking yourself how do you condense this excitement into a ‘3 days in London’ itinerary. This guide will cover exactly that, providing you with the ultimate London itinerary to follow step-by-step. Plus, we have some extra-special tips at the end for you. Let’s get started.

Day 1: Central London

London Itinerary Central London Day 1

Day 1 of your 3 days in London itinerary is full of monarchs, MPs, and West End stars. Today will be dedicated to Central London. Specifically, we’ll keep to Westminster, Mayfair, Covent Garden, and Soho neighborhoods.

This region is best known for its two large parks – St James Park and Hyde Park – and the two palaces of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace. Of course, you also have the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey closer to the River Thames. For your first day in London, there seems no better place to start than British politics and ruling history. After all, the British Royal Family is famed worldwide and offers one of the biggest draws to visit the UK.

Think of today as a self-guided walking tour around the inner city center. For many of these attractions, you can’t officially enter inside. Still, you can admire it from the outside and take as many pictures as you wish. It will be mostly a day of bucket list ticking and spotting iconic landmarks. But when there is an option to enter one of these important buildings, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Ready for your first day in London? We bet. Grab your most comfortable walking shoes, and let’s go. This is day 1 of your 3-day London itinerary.

Visit Hyde Park and have breakfast in St James’s Park

3 day London itinerary Hyde Park Day 1

Opening times: 5 am-midnight Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

Hyde Park and St James Park are just minutes apart. The two parks sit centrally in this area of London, and both feature a royal palace. Hyde Park is the largest and has a massive lake in the middle, with Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens at the far end. You can grab a takeout coffee and take a leisurely stroll through the park, often spotting the Household Cavalry training en route. A walk through London’s most famous parks is a great way to wake up slowly and is beautiful all year round.

Head through Green Park and into St James Park for breakfast at St James’s Cafe. While these parks are free, you can purchase a coffee and breakfast for around $15 with stunning, leafy views. This is a pleasant way to start your morning, and aim to get there after 8 am. This way, you’ll visit after the manic rush hour and before the rest of the tourists descend.

Buckingham Palace

3 day London itinerary Buckingham Palace Day 1

A 3-minute walk from St James’s Cafe Opening times: 24 hours a day Cost: Free Suggested tour: The State Rooms ticket

This royal palace is one of London’s famous attractions. Buckingham Palace is massively associated with the late Queen and has been immortalized by international films, including Paddington Bear and the Bond films. Most people visit Buckingham Palace to stand at the black, wrought iron gates. You can peer through the bars and watch the guards, and at 11:30 am every day, the Changing of the Guard is a brilliant free activity in London.

You can book one of the walking tours of the Buckingham Palace State Rooms to get a closer look. These tickets cost around $35 and give you access to the rooms that His Majesty the King receives members of the public in. These rooms are adorned by private collections of art and finery. If you’d like an insight into the world of the Royal Family, this tour of Buckingham Palace is a must. If you time it right, you might finish the Buckingham Palace State Rooms tour just in time to watch the Changing of the Guard.

10 Downing Street

London Itinerary 10 Downing Street Day 1

18-minute walk from Buckingham Palace Opening times: 24 hours a day Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

10 Downing Street is one of those quick stop-and-look places. The address is marked in the brains of everyone in England and lots of people across the globe. The home is gifted to every Prime Minister and acts as a private residence. For obvious reasons, the house is closed to public visitors as a relatively small property. Unlike Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister can hardly shift to a different wing to avoid guests. Besides, security is so strict that Downing Street is gated off and guarded 24 hours a day.

Despite this, you can visit and peer at the Prime Minister’s house through the gates. The gates of Downing Street are also a hot spot for protests. If you have political interests, it is a fascinating place to visit and witness firsthand. Reading the protest signs and speaking to people protesting is a great way to catch up on current affairs. Since it is heavily guarded, the protests tend to stay very peaceful.

Churchill War Rooms

London Itinerary Churchill War Rooms Day 1

The Churchill War Rooms are one of London’s most thought-provoking and inspiring attractions. The headquarters are underground, not far from Buckingham Palace, and marked where Winston Churchill lived and worked throughout World War II. The PM is hailed as a hero for how he maneuvered Britain toward victory in the war. Since today is dedicated towards monarchs and MPs, it is only fitting to add an attraction relating to Churchill – one of the most famous British PMs of all time. His story is told through interactive exhibits and animated stories.

You can book numerous tours, like the one linked above lasts for 1.5 hours. For those wanting to save money, consider the London GoCity Pass, which grants you access to a selection of London attractions for a lower price.

Westminster Abbey

3 day london itinerary Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous churches in London. The protestant church is next to the Houses of Parliament and has a dramatic Gothic appearance. It’s stunning to visit and admire from the outside. This is best if you are pushed for time or on a budget. But otherwise, carve out half an hour or so to explore inside. Inside, you’ll find that the grandeur continues, with beautiful architecture and decorations. There are also exhibits of wax effigies.

Westminster Abbey is such an icon in London. It is the home of British coronations, dating back to William the Conqueror. It is also popular for royal weddings, including Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. It is a convenient, impressive addition to your itinerary. And for just upwards of $13, it is one of the more budget-friendly attractions to visit in your 3 days in London.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

London Itinerary Houses of Parliament Day 1

The Gothic structure of the Houses of Parliament is another iconic London landmark. The parliament building houses the debating chambers and is the heart and soul of England’s political scene. Many people see the Houses of Parliament as a symbol of democracy. The parliament is famed for its adjoining clock tower, often falsely nicknamed Big Ben. True London enthusiasts will know that the name refers to the famous Big Ben bell – right at the top of the tower.

Visitors can tour the Houses of Parliament, learning more about how the parliament functions and the roles of its different chambers. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has a lot of history and depth. It makes the perfect addition to your itinerary. You can read all about the Houses of Parliament in our detailed guide here. As a quick side note, when you exit the parliament, make sure to appreciate the view of Westminster Bridge. It is one of the most famous bridges in London.

Trafalgar Square

London Itinerary Trafalgar Square Day 1

13-minute walk from Big Ben Opening times: 24 hours a day Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

Trafalgar Square is another incredible landmark. The 19th-century square is characterized by the statue of Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson led his troops to victory in the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars. Since it was built, the square has seen many protests and a lot of political action. Nowadays, it features fountains and lion statues, and even London’s Smallest Police Station.

You only need ten minutes or so to appreciate Trafalgar Square in full. It is an easy attraction to slot into a busy itinerary yet has a lot of oomph and history to it as well.

Optional detour: Charing Cross Road

3-minute walk from Trafalgar Square Opening times: 24 hours a day Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love London. Many of its streets were used as film locations, and Charing Cross Road was used throughout all eight films. True Harry Potter fans might already recognize the street from the films, but if not, take a few pictures and re-watch the snippets on YouTube. There are loads of Harry Potter-related things to do around London, so keep your eyes peeled.

This Harry Potter Tour is one of the most popular in the city and takes you to the Studios where it was filmed!

London Itinerary National Gallery Day 1

1-minute walk from Trafalgar Square Opening times: 10 am to 6 pm (9 pm on Fridays) Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

While you are in Trafalgar Square, pop into the National Gallery. The National Gallery traces the history of Western European painting. It features some of the most beautiful paintings you’ll ever see. The gallery has everything from colorful and chunky abstract art to classic garden landscape scenes. The National Gallery has some big names, too, including Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Turner.

Specific exhibits cost to visit, but entering the gallery itself is free. It also has air conditioning – a win, win in summer. On Fridays, it makes a great evening attraction too. A late-night visit to the National Gallery followed by a glass of wine at one of the cocktail bars is a romantic way to spend an evening.

Evening: Watch a West End Show at Leicester Square

London Itinerary West End Show Leicester Square Day 1

3-minute walk from the National Gallery Opening times: Shows tend to start at 7:30 pm, but this varies per performance Cost: $140 average

West End shows are one of the most popular evening entertainment choices. While there are no official dress codes, it is customary to get dressed up, and the performances are associated with being a bit of a splurge and treat. You can buy tickets at the box office or online. Sometimes, you can snag cheap tickets by visiting the box office on the day and asking what tickets are left over.

The shows last for around two hours and 30 minutes, usually with a break in the middle for refreshments. Most performances finish by around 10 pm, so plan to go for a drink or two at Covent Garden after.

Day 2: London Neighborhoods and Culture

3 days in London itinerary day 2

Welcome to day 2 of our 3 days in London itinerary. Today will be dedicated to London’s most distinct neighborhoods and culture. One of the best things about London is its different boroughs and diversity. There are so many to explore, and each offers a different experience and cultural atmosphere. Selecting just a few is really tricky. You could spend months in London and not even scratch the surface.

Today, you’ll explore the classic neighborhoods of Piccadilly Circus, Brixton, and Camden. This selection should give you a good taste of alternative things to do in London and give you a sense of community feel. Today is more than just a whistle-stop tour of the most touristy museums and landmarks. We’ll take today slower and offer a less rigid structure so you can get lost a little, especially in Brixton and Camden markets.

While yesterday was spent walking around, we will also use the tube more today. This is an experience in itself. The colored tangle of tube lines and dotted tube stations is like a giant puzzle. The constant screeching of tubes and the patter of business shoes are definitely sensory overloads. Download an offline map of London using Google Maps as the signal cuts off underground and just embrace the craziness. Using the London Underground is lots of fun, and even if you get lost, any staff member will be happy to help.

Sound exciting? We told you that today would be an insight into local London living. You’ll finish today with a deeper understanding of London’s most diverse neighborhoods and how to navigate the city like a local.

Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, and Regent Street

3 day London itinerary Piccadilly Circus Day 2

Opening times: 24 hours a day Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, and Regent Street are some of the most classic streets in London. The roads are lined with elegant buildings of Portland Stone and feature those photogenic curved side streets. Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, and Regent Street are best known for being great shopping streets.

We recommend spending just half an hour or so wandering these areas, snapping photos of the architecture, and lapping up the atmosphere. For that classy London aesthetic, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, and Regent Street are all fantastic spots.

Appreciate music and art culture in Brixton

3 day London itinerary Brixton Day 2

Brixton is a diverse neighborhood in south London. The area is known for its Caribbean influence and has countless street food stalls and vintage clothes shops. It is somewhere to escape the occasionally stuffy atmosphere of central London and more western neighborhoods like Chelsea. Brixton has a real salt-of-the-earth vibe.

You can check out the David Bowie Memorial Mural, Brixton Market, and the impressive range of live music venues. To appreciate art, food, and music, Brixton is the place for you.

Head to Camden Market

3 day London itinerary Camden Market Day 2

16 minutes on the Victoria and Northern tubes, then a 4-minute walk Cost: Free Suggested tour: Camden with a local

Camden Market is north London’s answer to Brixton. This part hippie, punk, and goth area is full of character. You’ll be walking down the street with fancy dress costumes in one shop, CBD cookies in another, tattoo deals over the road, and knock-off designer shoes in front of you. Camden attracts a range of people too. You’ll get a leaflet from a lady preaching about Jesus and a man with face piercings handing out vegan awareness flyers.

Camden is a good choice for anyone wanting to experience a different side of London. Head straight to the market by the canal and treat yourself to some delicious food – they have everything from Pad Thai to Pho and burrito bowls.

Evening: Sunset at Primrose Hill

London Itinerary Primrose Hill sunset Day 2

8-minute walk from Camden Market Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

Finish your day in style at no extra cost by catching the sunset at Primrose Hill. The 213-foot hill treats you to stunning views over London’s skyline. The combination of good views and a safe neighborhood is fantastic at sunset. Bring a picnic blanket, snacks, and vino, and settle in for the evening.

Day 3: Museums

London Itinerary Museums Day 3

Day 3 is the final day in our 3 days in London itinerary. We couldn’t miss a day dedicated to London’s world-class museums, so here it is. From the Natural History Museum to the Tate Modern – these museums are the absolute creme de la creme. Today you’ll be utilizing the tube skills you picked up yesterday to hop across London to its most exciting museums. Hopefully, tube navigation is now just a breeze. Still, we’ll add some additional instructions to help with navigation.

We didn’t want you to be too rushed off your feet (although everyone else in London seems to be, so you’ll blend in fine if you are). If you want some extra museum suggestions, visit the British Library, the London Transport Museum, the Vktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, the Foundling Museum, and the Charles Dickens Museum. You can also check out our top five museum guides here.

For now, though, you’ve definitely got enough on your plate. Your last day in London will be exciting, and remember to bring a camera to freeze the memories.

Breakfast in Sky Garden

London Itinerary Sky Garden

Opening times: 8 am to midnight Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

The Sky Garden is a beautiful spot for breakfast. Set at the top of the ‘walkie-talkie’ building, the glass conservatory-style property is full of tropical plants and garden walkways. It feels like a bit of a glass jungle, with the benefit of having sweeping views of London. Spot everything from Big Ben to the London Eye; the Sky Garden is a killer vantage point.

At the front of the space, there’s a small cafe where you can treat yourself to a coffee and breakfast snack. Since it is free to enter, this will be your only cost this morning. Just note that you must make reservations and aim to do so at least a week before visiting.

Optional detour: St Paul’s Cathedral

London Itinerary St Pauls Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most beloved landmarks. Not only a religious symbol and architectural beauty, the cathedral was also used in notable historical events. These events include Princess Diana Spencer’s marriage and Winston Churchill’s funeral.

Admire from the outside or take a peek inside for a relatively modest fee. You’ll have mosaics and beautiful decorations to revel at, plus the option to climb to the Golden Gallery for views over London.

Tower of London

London Itinerary Tower of London Day 3

The Tower of London is a medium length walk from St Paul’s Cathedral and passes the iconic Tower Bridge. The Tower of London is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a bloody and brutal history. The tower was where prisoners (usually political prisoners) were held before execution and was built within an old medieval castle. There is even an ancient torture chamber on display and, of course, the beloved crown jewels.

The Tower of London is where to visit for an insight into London’s darker history. Allow at least an hour to visit if you get access to the crown jewels exhibition, and make sure to stop by Tower Bridge on your way. The tower is a must when visiting for 3 days in London.

British Museum

London Itinerary British Museum Day 3

13-minute walk and 18 minutes on the District and Elizabeth tube lines from the Tower of London Opening times: 10 am to 5 pm Cost: Free Suggested tour: British Museum Guided Tour

The British Museum is out of your way, but it is definitely worth it. And while you are on a mission to see London’s museums, it is best to detour early when you still have plenty of energy. The museum showcases thousands of global exhibits, from Egyptian mummies to Greek sculptures. It is free to enter, but you can choose to treat yourself to a guided tour for $35 upwards. You’ll get plenty out of the experience either way, as the exhibits have plenty of information and insightful details. If you are interested in international history and ancient history, the British Museum is a must.

Victoria and Albert Museum

3 Day London Itinerary Victoria and Albert Museum

58-minute walk and 25 minutes on the Piccadilly tube from the British Museum Opening times: 10 am to 5:45 pm Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the best in London. It has everything from classic sculptures to obscure and rather eclectic modern exhibits. It covers themes from textiles and fashion to ancient artwork. After the informative, intense experience at the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum is diverse enough to keep your attention. Not many museums can pull off being the third in a row, but this one does fantastically.

Natural History Museum

London Itinerary Natural History Museum

Another celebrity addition to our ‘3 days in London’ itinerary, the Natural History Museum needs no introduction. The beast of a museum offers hours’ worth of natural history exhibits, including animatronic dinosaurs and a giant whale skeleton.

Totally free to enter; you can splash out on a paid guided walking tour if you wish. We recommend just visiting independently, as it is an excellent museum to explore at your leisure, with cafes and marbled benches dotted all over.

Tate Modern

London Itinerary Tate Modern South Bank

1 hour walk or 28 minutes on the District tube from the Natural History Museum Opening times: 10 am to 6 pm Cost: Free Suggested tour: Visit independently

We are heading to London’s South Bank, a famed district known for its street art and modern culture. You’ll cross the River Thames – putting those tube navigating skills to the test again and visit the Tate Modern, home to London’s modern art.

Not only does it have works from across the globe. It also has a cafe with gorgeous views of the River Thames, perfect for a late-afternoon caffeine fix. If you are an art enthusiast, you could spend hours at the gallery, but keep it to around an hour. You’ve got a schedule to keep, after all.

London Eye

London Itinerary London Eye Day 3

20-minute walk from the Tate Modern Opening times: 11 am until 6 pm Cost: $39 Suggested tour: London Eye Fast-track

Get ready to finish your day with another beautiful London skyline view. The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and from it, you can spot landmarks like the London Bridge and Shard. One rotation takes around 30 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing out of the pod windows.

You’ll walk to the London Eye along the Queen’s Way, a beautiful cemented walkway along the River Thames. The walkway is always alive with street performers and is one of the most scenic walks in all of London – so enjoy the journey.

Evening: Shakespeare’s Globe

London Itinerary Day 3 Shakespeares Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe is an old-fashioned open-air theatre right opposite Millennium Bridge. The Globe is a traditional theater, and because of that, you can purchase standing tickets for just $6. Actual seats (covered by a thin roof) can rise to $70, with hard and soft seat options. All the performances are classic Shakespeare plays, and the Globe keeps the experience as authentic as possible. Embracing iconic English literature and watching a play at the Globe is how to finish your trip to London with a bang.

We recommend snagging tickets for an evening performance at 7:30 pm, giving yourself time to get dinner beforehand. Make sure to wrap up warm and bring a blanket for your legs, as it gets cold and exposed to all the elements.

FAQs: 3 days in London

Now that we’ve covered the ultimate 3 days in London itinerary, what about all the other essential details you should know? This section is dedicated to common FAQs and absolute must-know snippets of insider information.

Is 3 days enough to visit London?

3 days is just enough time to visit London. You have enough time to visit a selection of the best things to do and one or two off-the-beaten-track attractions.

What would you do if you spend three days in London?

In 3 days in London, you can visit tourist spots like Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and Covent Garden. You can visit museums, galleries, palaces, and community spots like markets.

How many days is ideal in London?

4 days is the perfect amount of time to visit London. In 4 days, you’ll balance the expense of visiting the city, tick off a lot of attractions, and have a day spare if you want to take a day trip.

Is 4 days enough time in London?

Yes, 4 days is enough time in London. You have enough time to see significant sights and take a day trip, which you don’t have time for with 3 days in London.

Quick Tips

London itinerary quick tips London pass

These are some quickfire tips to get the most out of your trip to London. From the London Pass to outfit choices, pay attention to these insider tips.

The London Pass gives you access to over 90 different attractions in London, and you can purchase a pass for a single day or multiple days in London. Single-day prices start at around $110 per person, and two-day prices at about $140. However, considering that many attractions are over $30 each, it is more economical to pay a single upfront fee. Considering the London Pass for this itinerary is a good idea, especially for day 3.

Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare Globe, Houses of Parliament, and even certain cinemas are included in the London Pass. Get Your Pass here.

Walk or take the tube – never a taxi

It might go without saying, but in London, public transport and good old walking reign supreme. It might be a little strong to say if you can’t walk there or get the tube there, it isn’t worth going to, but in your 3 days, you really have no need for taxis. All the areas you visit are easily accessed on foot or the tube. A taxi can be more expensive and time-consuming when you hit a London traffic jam. Grab an Oyster Card to get around on public transport.

Off the back of that, comfy shoes are a must when visiting London. You will walk a lot, whether around a vast museum or between attractions. Comfortable shoes are the best way to make walking enjoyable. The last thing you want are blisters to contend with, and the wet ground can also get slippery.

3 Days in London Itinerary Tips

Download offline Google Maps

As we mentioned, having offline directions is essential if you want to use Google Maps to navigate the underground (which is recommended). Luckily, downloading maps to use offline is really easy.

Just open the Google Maps app on your phone, and click on the letter of your first name in the bubble at the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘offline maps’ from the list of options, then click ‘select your own map’, zoom in on London, and click ‘download’. Voila, you now have Google Maps whether you have a signal or not.

It’s no secret that it rains a lot in England. When visiting London, the best idea is to carry an umbrella. This way, a little shower won’t ruin your day or outfit. The last thing you want is to be cold, wet, and miserable. You could bring an umbrella with you or even treat yourself to one when you arrive.

Check whether your accommodation has AC

In summer, London tends to have at least one heatwave. Since the city is built to deal with the cold rather than the heat, only a few accommodation options have AC. If you are visiting when a heatwave is predicted or don’t want to risk it, try to book accommodation with an AC option.

When to visit London

When to visit London for this itinerary

The best time to avoid crowds in London is between October and March. These months are shoulder months and avoid major holidays (Halloween aside). October and March also tend to have decent weather – not the minus temperatures and non-stop rain you get across winter. October is perfect if you want to experience London in autumn, too, when areas like Hyde Park are extra pretty.

That being said, though, London is beautiful all year round. The fun atmosphere is contagious in summer when people flock to picnic and party in parks, and the long nights are packed with football and barbeques. If you are okay with booking skip-the-queue tickets for attractions and coping with extra crowds, summer is an excellent time to get a fun vibe from London and spend time outside.

Winter, mostly December, has a similar fun vibe when all the Christmas decorations go up and festivities begin. In December, people visit Harrods just to admire the decorations, never mind what’s actually for sale. And you have events like Winter Wonderland, a vast alpine Christmas festival that opens up in Hyde Park. You may even get snow if you are lucky.

How to get around

London Itinerary Getting Around

Of course, walking is the ideal way to get around London. In our 3 days in London itinerary, the first day doesn’t require public transport as the attractions are just a short walk apart. Depending on what you want to visit and if you stay centrally, you can walk everywhere.

To visit different areas of London though, you will need public transport. The most well-connected form of public transportation is the London Underground. Most neighborhoods have tube stations, and districts are marked as zones, with Zone 1 being the immediate central circle. You tap on and off, usually entering and exiting through ticket barriers. You can use either your card or an Oyster Card, so don’t worry about buying an Oyster.

London has a train service, most commonly used to travel to destinations on the outskirts of London without underground connections. Many people use the London rail system to travel on long-distance trains to and from other cities in the UK. The city also has a ferry network, with a fleet of Uber boats shuttling passengers up and down the Thames. An Uber boat is an excellent option if you fancy an alternative to a pricey Thames River cruise.

To get tactical, you could book a hop-on hop-off bus. A hop-on hop-off bus ticket lets you jump on a specific bus that runs you around a designated tourist circuit, letting you take advantage of door-to-door transportation. And lastly, there are more Ubers and taxis that you could count, so there is always that option. Don’t bother renting a car, as it is more of a hindrance than helpful.

Luggage Storage

3 Days in London Itinerary Luggage Storage

Storing luggage is a great idea. It’s worth mentioning that some attractions will only let you bring oversized bags inside and often don’t offer storage rooms either. Luggage storage is a fantastic choice. Always check with your hotel first, as they usually store luggage for free or for a meager fee.

Otherwise, head to one of the main stations to store luggage there (Victoria Station offers storage). You can also use websites like Bounce, Stasher, and Radical Storage to find secure places that provide storage for low prices all over London.

How to get to London from the Airport

London Itinerary Getting From the Airport

We have a complete guide on how to get to London from its many different airports, but we’ll provide a quick summary here.

The best airport to fly into London from is London Heathrow. An airport train runs from London Heathrow to Paddington Station in just fifteen minutes. London Heathrow makes the airport the quickest to reach, apart from London City Airport in central London. Your other options are as follows:

Stansted Airport Gatwick Airport Luton Airport London City Airport London Southend Airport

Gatwick Airport is located south of London and has a similar train service that takes a little longer, with a 30-minute journey to Victoria Station. Luton Airport is located north of London and requires you to take a shuttle bus and then a direct train from Luton Airport Parkway to central London in around 25 minutes. London Stansted Airport takes 50 minutes to reach London Liverpool Street Station by train. London City Airport is connected to central London by a 10-minute tube ride on the DLR line. However, it has limited flights and destinations. Finally, London Southend Airport is located in the southeast and takes around 50 minutes to reach London Liverpool Street Station.

As you can see, you have plenty of options. The good news generally is that all the airports are very well-connected to the city center.

Where to stay in London for 3 days

London Itinerary Accommodations

Finding a London hotel to fit your budget is really straightforward. London has a fantastic selection of accommodation, and you can read our detailed guide here. However, these are our top favorites.

Budget: Wombat’s City Hostel

Wombat’s City Hostel is easily one of the best hostels in the city. It is well known for its safe and friendly atmosphere and is decorated tastefully in light, airy colors. The hostel has free wifi, a communal terrace, and a bar – perfect for making new friends. It’s also located in Tower Hamlets, ideal for walking to attractions like the Tower of London.

Mid-Range: The Resident Kensington

The Resident Kensington is the best mid-range option in London if you want good value for money in the Kensington and Chelsea area. Each room is laid out apartment-style, with kitchens that guests can use to cook up their own culinary masterpieces.

Luxury: Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square

Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square is the epitome of luxury in London. From the elegant columned entrance to the in-house spa and restaurant with Michelin-starred chef, guests have all the precious luxuries. Plus, you are just 550 meters from Tower Bridge.

Where to eat in London

London Itinerary Where to Eat

There are so many great places to eat in London we could do just a post on that. These are some of our recommendations for where to eat after a few trips to London. If you want to get more familiar with the food here check out our post dedicated to the Best British Foods.

To Conclude

Best 3 Days in London Itinerary

Feeling inspired by our 3 days in London itinerary? Great news. 3 days in London might seem short, but as you can see, there’s plenty that you can fit in during that time. You have seen a minimum of 24 different bucket list attractions, all conveniently linked together to save you the most time and energy for the most enjoyable experience. How many spots do you recognize in these photographs of classic London landmarks?

If you have 4 days in London, you can consider extra activities like taking a day trip out to Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, or Richmond Park. In 3 days, it is best to only venture as far as 30 minutes or so out of the city center. With 4 days, you can easily dedicate one day to heading further afield. These are some great day trips from London that you can check out. If you are really ambitious, you could even add a day trip to somewhere like Stonehenge or the White Cliffs of Dover to your list. Should you still be choosing how long to visit London for, that is something to consider.

Either way, have a wonderful time in London. We hope you have a fantastic stay and tick off as many of your dream attractions as possible.

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